May 15 - 17 2020
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Danville IN


Plans are now underway for the Seventh Annual Mayberry in the Midwest Festival! We are just getting started so if you would like to join the planning committee or help us out by being a financial sponsor please send an email to

Join us in Danville, Indiana May 15-17, 2020......because everybody needs a little Mayberry.






Ticketed Events


Join us Friday, May 15, 2020 for the Seventh Annual Mayberry in the Midwest Meet & Greet Dinner as we welcome Maggie Mancuso(Charlene Darling), Dixie Griffith(Andy's daughter), Ronnie Schell(Duke Slater from Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.), George Lindsey Jr., the zany Tribute Artists and more. Dinner will be straight from Aunt Bee's Kitchen, catered by the Mayberry Cafe. Meet our special guests, get autographs, make new friends and start your Mayberry weekend with a smile and lots of laughs. We will once again have a wonderful silent auction filled with TAGS items.


  Paper tickets will NOT be mailed. Your confirmation will serve as your ticket. Contact: 

SORRY but there will be NO REFUND

Events Schedule


Friday, May 15th:

6 pm - 9 pm:                Meet & Greet Dinner

Saturday, May 16th:

7 am -10 am                Firemen's Pancake Breakfast              77 N. Kentucky Street

9 am - 7 pm                 Welcome Center                                  Marion  Street Tent

10 am - 5 pm               Opie's World Play Area                       Jefferson Street

10 am - 5 pm               Tractor Town                                          N. Washington Street

10 am - 7 pm               Vendor Booths Open                          Courthouse Square

11:00 am                       Mayberry Themed Parade               

11:30 am                        Whistling Contest                                FREE Stage

Noon                              Tribute Artist Show                              FREE Stage
12:30 pm                       Mayberry Trivia Contest                     FREE Stage 

1:30 pm                          Pickle Eating Contest                         FREE Stage

2:00 pm                         Ronnie Schell: On the Road with    Crawley Business Center

                                                   Andy Griffith 

2:00 pm                        Birch Creek Bluegrass Band              FREE Stage

3:00 pm                        Squad Car Nationals                           Government Center

3:20 pm                         Bluetown Bluegrass Band                  FREE Stage

4:30 pm                        Tribute Artist Show                              FREE Stage

5:15 pm                          New Balance Bluegrass Band            FREE Stage

7:00 pm                         Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers   FREE Stage        

Sunday, May 17th:

11 am                             Mayberry Bible Study/Steve Pyatte    FREE Stage

11 am - 4 pm               Welcome Center                                     Marion Street Tent

11 am - 5 pm               Vendor Booths Open                             Courthouse Square

11:30 am                      Stones Crossing Gospel Music             FREE Stage

Noon - 5:00 pm       Opie's World Play Area                          Jefferson Street

Noon - 5:00 pm        Tractor Town                                            N. Washington Street

Noon                             Tribute Artist Show/Opie Winner        FREE Stage

1:00 pm                        Ambassador Turner's History Lesson   Crawley Business Center

2:00 pm                       LeRoy McNees & Friends Bluegrass   FREE Stage

3:15 pm                         Rumbletown Bluegrass Band                 FREE Stage

4:30 pm                        Tribute Artist Show                                 FREE Stage


Tribute ArtiststT

Special Guests

Terry Varvel as Barney Fife

Allan Newsome as Floyd Lawson

Kenneth Junkin as Otis Campell

Tim Pettigrew as Goober Pyle

Michael Oliver as Gomer Pyle

Eric Lowry as Mayor Pike

Phil Lee as Ernest T Bass

Jeff Branch as Howard Sprague

Jeanette Kleiber as Aunt Bee

Michelle Bryson as Daphne

Mike Haviland as Sgt. Carter

Ted Womack as Mr McBeevee

Maggie Peterson Mancusso

"Charlene Darling"

Dixie Griffith - Andy Griffith's Daughter

George Lindsey Jr.

Son of George "Goober" Lindsey

Ronnie Schell

"Duke Slater"

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.


Host Hotel 

Fairfield Inn and Suites

119 Angelina Way, Avon IN 46123


Comfort Inn

8229 E US Highway 36, Avon IN 46122 


Danville Christian Church